2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Mary Goodloe (chair), Glenn Acree, Mike Akbari*, Stephen Campbell (professor emeritus), James Cook, Mary Beth Cooper*, Joyce Blair Crowell, Sharon Crumpton, Jennifer DeHart*, Robert Forrester*, Kay Geving, William Hooper, Joan Lind, Otis McCowan (professor emeritus), Andrew Miller, Jeff Moore*, Michael Pinter, Sarah Ann Stewart, Barbara Ward, Keeley White, Sumer Yates. *Part-time.


To support the university, college, and school visions through teaching excellence that engages each student in an analytical and personal search for knowledge of mathematics and computer science.


To provide a supportive and challenging intellectual community where students are encouraged to develop independence, creativity, and excellence in mathematics and computer science.


To help our students:
1. comprehend the concepts, relationships, and processes of the fundamental material in mathematics and computer science.
2. discover the nature of proof and prove theorems.
3. think independently and creatively.
4. understand applications, formulate and translate problems, and write meaningful algorithms.
5. communicate ideas of mathematics and computer science orally, visually, and in writing using formal notation.
6. solve problems by identifying connections, recognizing patterns, using multiple strategies, and employing appropriate tools.
7. become contributing members of an engaged, responsible community of scholars.