2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

School of Sciences

Robert T. Grammer, Associate Dean


To provide quality educational experiences which stimulate students to join faculty in continuing exploration and critical study of scientific and mathematical ideas.


The School of Sciences challenges students to see knowledge as dynamic, while promoting scientific and mathematical principles as ways of knowing the world. Both students and faculty engage in scientific and mathematical practices that explore intellectual boundaries based on an established understanding of the world. Faculty employ innovative pedagogies, technology, research, and scholarship to encourage reflection on, and an understanding of, a scientific way of knowing.


  1. All students will increase their mathematical literacy, understanding of contemporary science concepts, and appreciation for the scientific method of thinking.
  2. All majors in sciences, in mathematics and/or in computer science will learn how to think rigorously about complex issues in their disciplines.
  3. All majors will be provided a personalized dimension to the undergraduate experience.
  4. All majors will have the opportunity to conduct research projects and present them publicly.
  5. All majors will be prepared for careers, graduate school and professional opportunities in mathematics, life, physical, or psychological sciences.
  6. Students and faculty will have opportunities for professional and scholarly development.

The School of Sciences offers several undergraduate academic majors and minors:

  • Applied Discrete Mathematics (major)
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (major)
  • Biology (major and minor)
  • Chemistry (two different majors and a minor)
  • Computer Science (major and minor)
  • Engineering Physics (major)
  • Environmental Science (major and minor)
  • Mathematics (major and minor)
  • Medical Imaging Technology (major)
  • Medical Physics (major)
  • Medical Technology (major)
  • Neuroscience (major)
  • Pharmaceutical Studies (major)
  • Physics (major and minor)
  • Physical Science (minor)
  • Psychology (major and minor)
  • Science and Engineering Management (major)
  • Web Programming and Development (major)