2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog - Belmont University

Major in Medical Technology (B.S.)

The Medical Technology Degree program requires successful completion of three years (minimum of 94 hours) academic work followed by a minimum of 12 months (34 semester hours or more equivalent) in a medical technology school approved by a national accrediting agency and by Belmont University. The academic program must fulfill all general education courses required for a B.S. degree. The senior year is spent at an accredited hospital. A detailed description of the senior year curriculum can be obtained from an affiliated institution. The medical technology credits are transferred to Belmont University and applied to the student’s transcript of credit in preparation for the student’s graduation. The State of Tennessee requires licensure of employed personnel. In compliance with regulations governing the Tennessee Laboratory Act, graduates are eligible to take the examination for Medical Laboratory Technologist, Generalist.

Background checks are now required 21 days before registration for Medical Technology courses.  Contact the instructor for details regarding the approved process.

Major in Medical Technology (B.S.) Hours
General Education Core Requirements     61-63
    Includes the following Science and Mathematics requirements:      
    BIO 1110, Principles of Biology I 4  
    BIO 1120, Principles of Biology II 4  
    CEM 1610, General Chemistry I 4  
    MTH 1080, Mathematical Inquiry (3) or CSC 1020, Introduction to Computer     Science (3) 3  
    MTH 1151 Elementary Statistics for the Sciences 3  

Note to major:
One credit hour in Senior Capstone, taken if not admitted to Medical Technology Program.
One credit hour in Senior Capstone, to be taken in the junior year if admitted to Medical Technology Program.


Major Requirements   35
    BIO 2230 & 2240, Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II
    BIO 2330, Genetics 3  
    BIO 3120, Basic Microbiology 4  
    BIO 3140, Immunology 3  
    CEM 1620, General Chemistry II 4  
    CEM 3410, Analytical Chemistry I 4  
    CEM 3310, 3320, Organic Chemistry I & II 8  
    MTH 1160, Biostatistics Lab


Fourth Year: Professional Program **   33
    Biochemistry 12  
    Immunohematology 12  
    Microbiology 7  
    Special Topics 2  
Total     129-131
** Fourth Year, Professional Program taken at Vanderbilt Medical Technology Program