2009-2010 Graduate Catalog
Sport Administration Courses (SAM)

SAM 6010. Sport in Society (3). This course provides a forum in which to explore the sociological impact of sport in America. Emphasis is placed on issues affecting administrators, fans, athletes and coaches.

SAM 6050. Sport Law (3). This course contains an integration of the various areas within the sport industry as pertaining to legal liability of coaches and administrators, facility and event management, and risk management.

SAM 6060. Research Methods in Sport (3). This course examines strategies, techniques, materials, and principles for effective research within the sport industry. The traditional research model will be a focus with special attention given to survey research and economic impact research.

SAM 6070. Sport Finance (3). This course contains an overview of basic financial concepts, tools and techniques used by sport administrators. Emphasis is placed on: financial analysis, capital structuring, capital budgeting, short and long-term financing, and financial troubleshooting.

SAM 6250. Advertising and Sponsorship in Sport (3). This course examines the evolution of advertising, sponsorship, and licensing in the sport industry. Emphasis will also be placed on current trends in the industry, sales negotiations, and sponsorship proposals.

SAM 6260. Facility Operations and Event Management (3). This course will provide a foundation and understanding of the day-to-day operation of sport/multi-purpose facilities and of event management planning and procedures.

SAM 6270. Marketing and Public Relations in Sport (3). This course focuses on current factors and issues related to sport marketing and public relations. Emphasis will be placed on creating and evaluating a marketing plan and evaluating the relationships between sport organizations and a wide variety of consumers.

SAM 6280. Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Sport (3). This course will examine the relationships between sport organizations and a wide variety of consumers. Fundamental programs will be designed to enhance the relationship between the consumer and sport organizations.

SAM 6290. Fundraising in College Athletics (3). This course examines the fundamental tools and strategies necessary to raise funds within college athletics. Both annual and major giving will be emphasized, as well as studying their role within the overall scope of a college athletic department.

SAM 6310. Seminar in Sport Administration (3). This course offers an introduction to various aspects of sport administration. Responsibilities of administrators within intercollegiate athletics, professional sports, and private industry will be discussed.

SAM 6320. Governance in Sport (3).This course will provide a thorough study of the governing structure, rules and legislative process within the NCAA. While intercollegiate athletics is the main focus of the course, study of other sport governing bodies may also be included.

SAM 6360. Internship in Sport Administration (1-6). Prerequisite: Approval of internship coordinator. This course will provide an opportunity for students to gain practical administrative experience in the sport industry.

SAM 6400. Sport Journalism (3).This course will overview the aspects of journalism as each impacts sport administration. Students will gain valuable experience in news and profile writing, interviewing, writing for the electronic audience/internet, and learning the fundamentals of responding to the media (newspaper, television, and radio). Skills useful in media relations for athletic teams will be included, along with editing experience.

SAM 6980. SAM Portfolio Development (0). Course taken as Pass/Fail only.Students will complete a portfolio containing sport administration related activities, certifications, and positions held during the graduate education period. This is a comprehensive review of the coursework taken in the SAM program and is preparation for the job search, for review by potential employers, continuing professional development, and for certification of competences. This is required to be completed by all Sport Administration graduate students before graduation. The student must be signed up for this course at the beginning of their last semester.

SAM 6990. Special Topics in Sport Administration (1-3). This course will allow students to study unique topics in the field of Sport Administration.