2009-2010 Graduate Catalog

Elective Specialization
in Entertainment and Music Business

Belmont University offers an elective track specialization in Entertainment and Music Business, in the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree. Students in this elective track specialization option within the M.B.A. degree program should refer to the Graduate Studies in Business bulletin pages for requirements and policies.


Through active learning and scholarly exploration the Master of Business Administration degree with a specialization in entertainment and music business is designed to prepare individuals for career advancement in mid- and upper-level administrative and managerial positions in the entertainment and music business.


The goals of the M.B.A. with a specialization in entertainment and music business are to (1) provide students with a broad view of essential business functions through business core courses and (2) allow the student to gain in-depth knowledge of the entertainment and music business through a flexible choice of elective courses.


In addition to the application process for admission to the M.B.A. program, candidates for the electives option in Music Business will also meet with the admissions coordinator in the Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business to assist in the development of an appropriate course plan to meet each candidate's career goals.

Music Business Courses (MBU)

MBU 6300. The Recording Industry: Managerial Overview (2). The business of music is explored from a managerial perspective of structures, industry components, practical, political, and theoretical foundations. Emphasis is placed on management practices as applied to the creative and business industry standards. Copyrights, recording, processes, budgets, promotion, publicity, marketing, product development, and record label operations are detailed.

MBU 6310. Entertainment Economics (2). An application of microeconomic principles and techniques to the major industries that comprise the entertainment sector of the U.S. economy as well as an examination of the influence of macroeconomic forces, demography and public policy on these industries.

MBU 6320. Contemporary Issues (2). Prerequisite: MBU 6300. An exploration of major contemporary issues in music business, their history and context. Course content will vary depending on current events in the industry.

MBU 6330. Multi-Media Law (2). Prerequisite: MBU 6300. This course introduces the legal principles governing multiple types of categories of works defined as "multimedia" works. Specific legal issues, covered in this course, include intellectual property rights, licensing, distribution, state and federal government regulations, international treaties, online use of multimedia works and e-commerce, as well as ethical considerations affecting the entertainment industry.

MBU 6340. Music Licensing (2). Prerequisite: MBU 6300. This course will deal with contract issues and royalties related to various licenses in the music industry, including synchronization, performance, mechanical, film music and other licenses.

MBU 6350. Technology in the Business of Music (2). Prerequisite: MBU 6300. This course addresses technology issues in the music business.

MBU 6360. Strategic Marketing in the Music Business (2). This course is a study of the methods used to market recorded music and movement of the recorded product from the label to the ultimate consumer. Topics include the changing business environment, market structure, distribution patterns, promotional strategies, charts, airplay, and pricing.

MBU 6390. Internship (2). Prerequisite: MBU 6300. This is an internship in the music business where a student will gain experience in the music industry.

MBU 6990. Independent Study (2). Under some circumstances, an independent study may be available in any area of the program, such as accounting, finance, management, etc. An instructor in that area must agree to oversee the study. Prior approval of the directing professor and the Associate Dean is required.

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